The 17th Globelics International Conference

Online registration and managing your personal account

Q: What is ConfTool

ConfTool is quite similar to other conference management systems, so you might compare it with ones you have experienced before. For more in depth information, you could also go to http://www.conftool.net

Q: What is my username or password for log in to the ConfTool system?

If you forget your user name or password you created earlier, please use the function “Forgotten your user name?” or “Forgotten your password?” when trying to log in to your account to receive your login information.

Q: How to receive updates on my new e-mail address as my previous address have been closed?

Please change your email address in the conference system (ConfTool) since all information is sent via the conference system. Go to https://www.conftool.com/globelics2020/ and go to “Edit user account details”.